The Word is Love

The Word is Love


“The Word is Love” (a Billboard Award-winner in the inspirational category) has had a lot of mileage, not to mention its share of almosts. It was originally intended as a public service announcement in Los Angeles, following the Rodney King verdict. It then just about made its way to Carnegie Hall to be performed as another “We Are the World” for an AIDS benefit hosted by Stevie Wonder and Patti Austin. Along with my performing it in concert over the past 25+ years, it has also been sung in churches by some of the wonderful gospel choirs in the New York community.

Following 9/11, I was asked to contribute “Word” for a commemorative compilation CD, in which I dedicated it to a young man named Michael D’Auria, the “probie” from Engine 40/Ladder 35, who had put out his first fire in my home three weeks before the attacks. Unbeknownst to me, WORD got lifted from that CD and was used as the “Song of the Year” for the September Concert Organization. I found this out when I heard it looping hourly on NY1. (!)

As we are now hit with dissent in every global nook and cranny, not to mention natural disasters that have shaken everyone’s foundation, I feel it is time to get “Word” out once and for all as a fundraising piece—but this time with children, rather than adults, recording the song. I had a group of kids perform it on the Intrepid several years back, and it was amazing. My intention is to have WORD produced as a song and video, along the lines of the “We Are the World” video, using kids from all ethnic backgrounds, from all parts of the globe. I envision a documentary of the making of this project to be broadcast on television as a pledge drive. The WORD campaign would be produced as a telethon, co-led by celebrity kids, premiering the video on networks such as Disney, Nickelodeon, ABC Family, etc., with kids at the phones taking pledges. Text pledges, mail-in donations, etc. would be a part of the campaign as well. All proceeds from pledges, video/documentary downloads and sales of the song would go to relief funds, feeding children worldwide. If you are interested in helping to facilitate this project, please contact me through this website.

To hear the song:


Thank you so much. God bless you.




In this world we’ve got the choice to live together
Hand in hand we can weather the storm
But instead we go to war
And after wars are lost and won
After all is said and done
When push comes to shove

We can fight for our rights – wear our colors
Doesn’t matter – we’re just crying to be free
But the way we go about it
Is the opposite of how we’re supposed to work it out
Let’s take off the gloves

Love is the key to the Kingdom
Silently spoken through our eyes- through our minds
Let us leave the past behind
And make a new start
And speak with our hearts
There’s no other answer ‘cause love is the answer to life

City streets
The cities beat to something frightening
It’s a lightening that’s cracked through the town
It’s striking people down
But we can turn this one around
By showing what we’ve found
From Heaven above

Words and Music: Rosalinde Block © ROZIEJANE MUSIC