Rosalinde Block, a veteran singer/songwriter in the New York area, has spent over 35 years writing and recording for countless publishers, has written and sung on jingles, has arranged and produced other artists, has toured with name acts as well as performing with her own bands at city-sponsored events, cabarets, night clubs, cruise ships and more piano bars than she’d care to count.  She has ministered with her music in some of the wonderful gospel churches in the NY community.  Over the years she has brought in stellar talent to record and perform her material— an ever-continuing project known as “The Rosalinde Block Party.”

Songs on these albums are available on ITunes and all other major on line music distributors.

 “Rosalinde Block has been a welcome addition to my play list, and to many of us at WFDU-FM.  If you are looking forward to hearing tight arrangements, a top shelf band, great songwriting, and strong vocals, Rosalinde is for you! -Bob Putignano, President of the NY Blues & Jazz Society, Host of WFDU- FM’s award-winning “Sounds of Blue” 

“Singer/songwriter Rosalinde Block has the sultriness of Dusty Springfield and a wealth of material reminiscent of classic Motown spiced with a dash of Steely Dan. She blows me away.”-Louis Levin Management

“I didn’t know a nice Jewish girl could have so much soul! Thank you for bringing your wonderful songs to our church!”-Rev. Elias Balthazar, Heavenbound Church of Christ, Brooklyn, NY