Julia Morphs

In a society sadly driven by statistics such as one discussed on NBC’s Today Show, how “a whopping 97 percent of women admitted to having at least one ‘I hate my body’ moment every day,” JULIA MORPHS is a parable for girls of all ages. Available through YouthLight, Inc.

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Must read

This book imparts one of the most critical lessons mothers can share their daughters! My 3 year old loved it and 19 year old loves to read it to her. Good for all ages. Thank you for this wonderful book
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Great Message for Girls

This is a wonderful and fun way for girls to learn to love and celebrate themselves. We all know that as a culture we have not completed the work that needs to be done to teach girls to accept their bodies and themselves as unique and beautiful. Children need to learn this early, and wonderful books like this get the message across effortlessly. Kids need to have fun – and if girls never learn the destructive habit of hating their bodies they will grow up to be women who have fun! It’s great that a children’s book – which is also beautifully illustrated – can also do so much good. Bravo!

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Super Cute Book! My daughter and I loved this book!!!! She wanted me to read it again and again. Cute pictures with cute rhymes to go with it. I bought it for the kindle and would totally buy it again. Great read. Happy Message. Highly recommended.

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What society needs!

I read this book EVERY weekend and love it every time!! Julia Morphs uses poetry to shed light on a very real and pertinent part of growing up in today’s society. So many young girls have body image and self confidence issues and this book addresses the topic in a way that encourages and praises individuality and acceptance. I am twenty eight years old and do not have a daughter, but I will be sure to purchase more copies for my Goddaughter and younger cousins who will inevitably face these same issues. I absolutely LOVED this book and am looking forward to more stories from this author. Thank you for addressing these issues in such a creative, yet relevant style.

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